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14 Sep 2017
27 Feb 2017
02 Sep 2014

Promo Single and Debut Music Video THINK TWICE

8 weeks ago I was invited to perform at an event entitled Boundless Plains- Conversations with Asylum Seekers. I wrote a song and performed to a backdrop of moving images which displayed the plight of Asylum Seekers. I've since recorded the Track at MonoNest Studios with Drummer and Producer Syd Green and have also shot my debut music video with Jonathon Sequira. The song is a dirty slide rock/roots song written from the perspective of an Asylum Seeker travelling on a boat. It's called Think Twice. One part goes, 'If it was you or your family who was bound to meet your fate, would you risk your life to save them, or stand at the enemies gate.' Read More

23 Apr 2013

Gaelic not Garlic....

G'day you city dwellers or hillbillies,  Read More

19 Apr 2013

Orange not Blue....

Gidday folks,  Read More

27 Feb 2013
04 Feb 2013

Rambling on my mind.....

So much too do and so lil time....a s the old saying goes. Read More

29 Aug 2012
02 Aug 2012

Regional dates July 2012

Just back from a series of gigs including the Bottlerocket Cafe in Nowra and The Front Cafe/Gallery in Canberra. The Bottlerocket's a great place offering alot of character and gets it's fair share of talent passing through. We were stoked to play there. Read More

03 Jul 2012

Dan Hopkins launchs his new site

It’s been a while in the making but Dan has finally launched his website and is continuing his campaign in promoting his debut E.P Golden Girl. Coming off a great gig with The Jed Rowe Band at the Empire last week, Dan and band are gearing towards a string of dates locally and regionally over the net few months. Read More

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