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04 Feb 2013

Rambling on my mind.....

So much too do and so lil time....a s the old saying goes.

Well, just wanna say thanks to all the new subscribers and it's been a pleasure meeting you at the gigs. I hope to see some familiar faces at the next bunch of gigs and theres plenty coming up.

It's really cool I think that John Lee Hooker says about the guys in his band, ' if theys need to rehearse, I don't wan em'...or something to that extent. I think the essence of the blues is about feel, in the moment and truth. Sure, you gotta know your stuff and you gotta know your chops , but I also love the spontanaeity with feeling it and playing something in the moment that you may never have done any other time. John Lees oft used to playa tune different each time since the last time he play it.

I don't know who said but the something about ' real blues don't lie.' I like it.

A cupla months ago, I met Kelly Jo Phelps after his gig at The Camelot and we's were talking blues I says, what do you think of Clapton spendin' all that time learning Robert Johnson, did ya think I need to pick 1 or 2 artists and learn all their stuff.... n he say's man, Clapton sorta don't get it. I'm from the university of take a bit from here, there and everywhere and make sure you play from the heart..... Well, not the exact words, but you gets my drift. Hell man, that's what I'm trying to do say yeah man, going to the same school as Kelly Jo!!

Well, I'm flat out, trying to keep y'all updated on shows, the East Cast Tour never happened. Will let ya know when we get some dates up.

I got my busking kit all ready to boot so Sydney and beyond, I'll be comin' at ya. Stomping my way into your part ' a town.

So there's me update anyway....


Hope to see ya around,





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