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02 Sep 2014

Promo Single and Debut Music Video THINK TWICE

8 weeks ago I was invited to perform at an event entitled Boundless Plains- Conversations with Asylum Seekers. I wrote a song and performed to a backdrop of moving images which displayed the plight of Asylum Seekers. I've since recorded the Track at MonoNest Studios with Drummer and Producer Syd Green and have also shot my debut music video with Jonathon Sequira. The song is a dirty slide rock/roots song written from the perspective of an Asylum Seeker travelling on a boat. It's called Think Twice. One part goes, 'If it was you or your family who was bound to meet your fate, would you risk your life to save them, or stand at the enemies gate.'

The track came together after I'd jammed on a lap slide guitar riff in my music room. Later on, I was sitting down and a melody came and few minutes in I had a couple of verses and a chorus going....'I hope you think Twice, before you burn me to the ground, I hope you think twice, before you turn me around.'

Somehow Syd came to mind and I intuitively knew I wanted him to play drums on the track, so having never met the bloke, I hit him up. He's an awesome laid back guy, really friendly, supportive and great to work with. He's done a cool job on the production.  

I'd met Jonathon at the Swamp Sunday Blues gig I run at the Record Crate as he was the bass player for the Honey Stompers who featured that day. Somehow it got across that he did music videos so I got in touch. It was a cold wet winter's night down at Jubillee Park where we shot it, but the rain stopped just long enough for us to do the live takes we needed. Providence!!!

A few weeks back, my beautiful wife Sophorn and I went to see an art exhibition put on by The Refugee Art Project exhibiting work from Asylum Seekers in Community Detention. A very provocative and moving experience. Long story short, an artist Shokufa Tahiri gave me permission to use her work as the art work for the CD. I hope my song echoes the story she portrayed in her painting. 

So the last two weeks, busy!!! Getting the artwork finalising final masters done and getting word out. 

If you're a music lover, blues lover or a humanitarian or all of the aforementioned, check it out. 

I'm launching the track this Friday 5th September at The Brass Monkey in Cronulla. I'll be playing support to Ali Penney & The Money Makers and Darren Jack. It's gonna be a cooking night of downtown blues. Hope you can sling along!!!!

smiles, d

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