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19 Apr 2013

Orange not Blue....

Gidday folks, 

A couple of years ago I put on a fundraising event for Victims of Agent Orange in Vietnam. Some of you may know but I'm sure many don't, I was born in Vietnam. I am half Vietnamese (even if I don't look it) as my mum is Vietnamese. In fact, my original name on my birth certificate was Vingh Dang!!!... a funny name for a baby who had the tan of a ghost:-)

Anyway, I traveled back to Vietnam for the first time in 2009. During my travels in Vietnam, I visited the War Remnants museum in Saigon, the city of my birth. I was shocked, moved and saddened upon events that took place in and around the time of my birth and in particular the devastating effects of Agent Orange.

Agent Orange is a chemical that was used by the US military to defoliate forests during the war so the enemy couldn't hide. It was proposed that the significant ingredient in Agent Orange, dio in, would not have any harmful effects on people...and now we are into the fourth generation of birth defects....some mild, more severe.

In 2010, I created Operation: Agent Orange raising $5000 and in 2013, a group from Sydney called Agent Orange Justice will be holding an event to raise funds and awareness to this very important cause on Wednesday night the 24th of April at The Gaelic Club in Surrey Hills Sydney. I will be performing my blues in solo mode. Night kicks off at 6pm. Please come along and support this worthy cause. 



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