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27 Feb 2013

...from where the four winds blow...

Gidday folks,

Well I'm not too sure what's been on your mind but I sure as hell know what's been on mine! Everything from corrupt sportsman to crazy stilnox celebration rituals from elite sportstars to a recent article a friend shared about why more money should go into child protection than defence. Well atleast according to certain figures, global music revenue has risen 0.3 of a percent; apparently the first growth since 1999...with illegal digital downloads still being public enemy no.1. Atleast a breath of fresh air to hear Leichhardt Mayor Darcy Byrne behind extending music trading hours till 3am, namely the Annandale Hotel.; and for leading a 4000 strong petition to support this. I hope the New Orleans inspired music hub along a certain section of Parra Rd grows legs and gets the support it needs.

Well, I don't want to babble on too much about my personal world views but just letting you in on some o' me thoughts. Meanwhile, here to report that The Botany View Hotel gig at Newtown a few weeks back turned out a cracker...plenty of good feedback, and as one of my mates Craig Edmonson from the Snakemen described (by the way boys, great set!), we put on the Cook's tour of the Blues. A lil bit of country folk rural blues, some delta shit and some good old solid rock n roll. Two encores!!! Belted out Jumping Jack Flash and the Boss classic from Nebraska, Open All Night. Got the dancin' action happenin' !!

So what's news...well let me tell you..

I've got a solo show coming up Lizottes Dee Why on Wed the 20th March. Pretty solid line up which includes Ella Freestone; Mutual Stranger and Allie & Ivy.

There's also a Songs From The South Tribute Night I have been orgainsing happening on Sat 23rd March at The Flodge. (Forrest Lodge Hotel). Plenty of Southern Fried anthems to sink you teeth inta. Nice line up too.

Oh and guess what? Shooting my first promo music vid. For Golden Girl. Now I was a bit worried as to doing this due to how long ago the track was released but who cares!! We're shooting on the 17th..I'm waiting on confirmation from my female side kick (who will play miss Golden Girl). So there ya go folks.

Plenty of gigs lined up too. Lots of solo, couple of duos and a few band ones. That's news from the DH camp. :)

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