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14 Sep 2017

A Whole lotta Mal & Hay

G'day Gang, 

How everyone going in your neck of the woods? 

Just thought I'd drop you a line regarding what's been going on inside my blues world. This year has been pretty eventful with a couple of festival appearances and more recently warming up for some great names in the Aussie blues world. The Tapp Bar in Port Macquarie is one of our latest local dens bringing some of the best local stuff around to the neighbourhood. I was naturally delighted to open for Australian Guitar royalty Mr Mal Eastick with his Trio. The guys got some smooth tasty chops but knows how to let loose too! Great fella aswell; really down to earth and keen for a yarn. 

Next highlight for me was grabbing the opening slot for Claude Hay a few weeks back. If you haven't seen Claude do his thing, you ought to rectify! A true one man bander, this guy makes his own instruments and sings about Pizza! He's gearing up for a 26 date tour in the UK so keep an eye out!

Well what's next for me is a series of gigs over the next few months and booking some more shows into the new year! Hope some of you can come down!!!

Bye for now:-)


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